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Jerry's Computer


Rapid City, South Dakota

Is your computer acting funny?

  • Is Your Computer Running Slow or Sluggish?
  • Do You Think Your Computer has a Virus?
  • Is your Computer Not Turning on or Can't Get on The Internet Anymore?
  • Do You Need Data Recovery off A Dead Hard Drive or Computer?
  • Do You Need a New or Refurbished Computer?
  • Are you looking for the Highest Rated Computer Repair in South Dakota?
  • Has your computer been hacked?

  • If You Answered YES to Any of These Questions then we can Help!


The BEST Local Computer Repair Service Professionals in Rapid City South Dakota
  • Repair Computers That Won't Start

  • Virus Removal
  • Slow Computer
  • Data Recovery
  • Clean Hacked Computers

Need Computer Repair Service?

You have come to the right spot! We are the Top-Rated Computer Repair Shop in Rapid City. We have over 16 years' experience in computer repair and services. Other Rapid City Computer Repair shops have come and gone. We are still here. How we stand apart from other shops is you can get your computer repaired and back the same or next day and you will love our pricing! Also, there is no diagnostic fee! We are open 7 days a week for your convenience. We only work on PC laptops, Desktops, and All in Ones. The services we offer are: Repair computers that wont start, Computer Tune-ups, Computer Virus and Malware removal, Hacked Computer Recovery (system Wiped), New and refurbished Computer Sales including transferring customers data, and Recovery Data from Non-working computers and External Hard drives.

Mobile Repair

We strongly believe in “We fix it or its FREE!” All work includes a 60 day warranty.
  • 16 Years

  • $45 Hour

    Home Service Calls

  • Locally

    Owned by Jerry Long

Services Offered

We specialize in residential and Small Business computer repair. Same day appointments are available.  We are CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certified.  Service provided 7 days a week.  Extremely fast turnaround times on all jobs!  Very affordable pricing and we do offer a Military discount.  Below is a list of what we can offer you. If you need a repair that’s not on the list below, just call us at 605-390-9547 and we will let you know if we can help you. My number one goal is to make sure your happy with all work completed!!!  Please see our Google reviews.

List of Services

  • Virus/Malware Removal — Starting as low as $169.00

  • Install Paid Anti-Virus $45.00
  • New & Refurbished Computer Sales for Business or Home use.
  • Upgrade to Windows 10 or 11 — Starting at $129.00

  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Computer Training $50.00 an hour
  • Windows Password Recovery/Lost Passwords — Starting as low as $79.00

  • Computer tune-ups for maximum performance — Starting at $129.00 Our most popular service!
  • Install and setup wireless networks and printers Starting at $69.00

  • Reinstall or upgrade Windows operating systems. Includes installing all office and security software and updates and transferring customers data — Starting at $199.00

  • Customer Data Transfer–Will Transfer Customer Data from 1 computer to another securely without the risk of transferring viruses or loss of data
  • Secure Backup of data
  • Diagnosing error code messages and removing them for you
  • Data recovery from dead hard drives starting at $99

  • DC Power Jack Repair on Laptops –Starting at $149.00

  • Repair overheating laptops. $129.00
  • Laptop Power Cord Replacement — From $35.00
  • Troubleshooting all PC network problems (connectivity issues)
  • Internet Issues and Speed
  • New computer setup– Get your Computer setup properly so you can avoid problems later! $199.00 - Including office 2021 and security

  • Printer Setup and Drivers
  • Computer Recycling–Laptops and Desktops
  • Consultations and technical assistance
  • Recovery of deleted files — Starting at $69.00

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Surge Protection!!

Make sure your always using a surge protector when plugging in any electronics equipment in the home and at work. Any power surge can ruin your electronics equipment in an instant!

Computer Repair and All-In-Ones

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Google Reviews

Carol Smith

5 out of 5 stars

posted a month ago

Jerry is fantastic. He knew what my computer needed before I brought it in to him and fixed it in a day. Excellent service. Very knowledgeable. He...

Elaine Zobel

5 out of 5 stars

posted a month ago

Jerry gets 5 plus stars. My business computer locked up and I was unable to use any programs. I live an hour away from Jerry's business. He got my...

Jamie Hodes

5 out of 5 stars

posted a month ago

Jerry is amazing!! He went above and beyond to help me, and I could feel that he really cared and wanted to be the hero. Although ultimately my laptop...

Ken or Sue Jimmerson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Jerry has helped me out several times, with everything from a locked-up computer to hard drive replacement. He has always been knowledgeable, honest,...

Walter zarm

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Absolutely a phenomenal experience, all around. I am not tech savvy, but Jerry is a fantastic down to earth person who explained things very clearly...

Hello, I'm Jerry Long

the owner of Jerry’s Mobile Computer Repair. Here’s a little bit of info about me. I retired from the Air Force in 2005.   After serving 20 great years I then went to school for Computer Repair and Networking at WDT in Rapid City where I graduated with Honors.

When I finished school I earned my CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ Certifications.  Shortly afterward I was hired by the Department of Defense as a Computer Assistant/ Network Administrator for the 28th Force Support Squadron on Ellsworth AFB, SD. There I was responsible for Computer Support and Network administration for over 20 different shops. Here’s a partial list of the shops I was responsible for: Large Dining Facility, Lodging (Hotel) Fitness Center (Gym) Bowling Alley and Snack Bar Golf Course Library Auto Shop Outdoor Recreation Shop Woodworking and Crafts Shop Human Resources Office Marketing Office Large Club- Food Operations, Events, and Bars Readiness Deployment Section CDC Child Development Center Home Day Care Office RV Camp Ground Kids Youth Center programs and activities building Flight Kitchen Snack Bar 2 separate office sections including a Command Section. With being responsible for 20+ shops there were great opportunities to learn. Every shop had a different computer/network requirements, Software requirements and training involved. So there’s not a lot of computer problems that I have run across and not been able to fix.

 In 2013 I left that job and decided to open my own Computer Repair Business. I saw a huge need for Quality and Affordable Computer Repair in Rapid City. Time after Time I kept seeing Computer Repair businesses in Rapid City Charging $200-300 for Virus removal or $600 for Laptop Screen replacements and thought that is crazy!!  There’s no reason for gouging customers like that! So I decided to open my own Computer Repair Business and charge fair prices to my customers. I list most of my prices on my website!  My competition??????  Not sure why they like keeping their pricing secret and off their website. Some of my interests include Fly Fishing and Hiking in the Black Hills. You may see us out there hiking on the weekends sometimes. I truly believe it’s not a job if you really like what you’re doing. I really love working on computers and making customers happy!   Please see our Google Reviews and Testimonials page for what our past customers have had to say about us. 

Laptop Repair

Get your laptop screen replaced by the experts for as low as 199.00 + Tax. Most PC laptop screen replacement jobs are between $199.00-$229.00 + Tax. Just provide us the laptop model number (Usually on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop or inside the battery well) and whether the screen is a glossy or matt finish screen. We will give you an exact price quote. We do PC screen replacement only! Most laptop screens are available. We use only Brand New screens. Don’t be fooled by our competitors that are giving you refurbished screens or used screens off of recycled laptops! Our screens come with a 1 year warranty. Do there’s? Call now for your quote. You’ll be glad you did. 605-390-9547

Virus Removal

One of the most common problems with PC computers are Viruses and Malware.  Let our Experts completely remove the viruses and malware from your computer so it runs fast again.  Some of the symptoms of computers with viruses and malware are:

  • Computer is slow or sluggish,
  • Popups that wont go away,
  • Your browser changes and wont let you change it back,
  • Takes along time for windows to boot up,
  • Fake Anti-Viruses websites start to scan your computer and find 1000+ problems and want you to pay to have all the problems removed (Scam!),
  • Cant get on the internet.

We charge $169.00 to remove viruses and malware from your computer. You can almost always have your computer back to you the very next day. We will also take the time to go over with you how to prevent them from coming back!

Data Recovery

Has your Computer Hard Drive or External Hard Drive stopped working?

If so we can help.

Here are a few symptoms you may be experiencing:  Hard Drive clicking noises, Scraping noises, Computer won’t start up to windows, External Hard Drive won’t recognize when plugged into a computer, Hard Drive won't spin, or Hard Drive was dropped.  

IMPORTANT!—If you are experiencing any of these conditions do not do any of the following!  Do not put in the freezer or refrigerator.  Do not keep trying to plug in to get working.  Do not hit or drop Hard Drive in hopes that it will fix the Hard Drive.  Do not try and open the Hard Drive.             

  • Tier 1:

    For simple data transfer from non-working computers.  Pricing depends on amount of data to transfer.

  • Tier 2 :
    For corrupted Hard Drives, Lost Partitions, External Hard Drives that won’t recognize, Hard Drives that wont spin, Board Repair.
  • Tier 3:
    Hard Drives making clicking noises and Bad Heads. If we can’t recover your data then you pay nothing! If you do have any questions about our Data Recovery Service please call us at 605-390-9547.
    $350.00 and up.

Computer Sales

If you’re considering purchasing a new computer you should contact us first!  We will discuss with you your exact computer needs and get the perfect computer for you.  With all computers we sell we will have them completely setup.  We even transfer your data from your old computer to the new computer for you for free!  We also include 1 year subscription paid anti-virus.  If you decide not to purchase from us then we can still do a complete new computer setup for $199.00.  This includes the 1 year subscription paid anti-virus and 2021 Office.  We sell new and refurbished desktop and laptop computers.