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Slow Computer

There are allot of reasons why a computer can be slow.  We can correct all of them for you.  Here’s a partial list of what can slow down a computer:

  • Computer Infected with Malware  (Very Common)
  • Computer Infected with Viruses
  • Computer has Adware or Spyware installed   (Very Common)
  • Windows Updates not installed (Very Common)
  • Outdated Drivers
  • Computer does not have the most current web browser installed
  • Computer overheating
  • Not enough installed RAM (Memory)
  • Hard Drive almost full
  • Damaged Registry
  • Installed programs not updated
  • Old Ethernet wiring (Very Common)
  • Old Router  (Very Common)
  • Old network interface card (NIC)

Again this is just a partial list of things that can slow down a computer.  We recommend reloading the operating system on computers at least every 3 years!!  This will give you a FAST Computer! (and in most cases a Better than new computer since all the Freeware and Junkware are not being loaded on the computer)   Just because a computer is slow does not mean its time to buy a new one.  Most of the time they just need a tune-up or a reload of the operating system.  We offer computer tune-ups for as low as $129.00 + tax.  We offer reloading the operating system for $169.00 + tax.  Get your computer in for service today and have it back working great the next day!!

If your still using an older router your really missing out!  Routers 4-5 years ago were really for just 1 or 2 devices and the speeds were really slow  54 mbps!!  Todays newer routers are supporting 10+ devices and are up to 1300 mbps!!  So you may have a super fast computer, but if your still using an older router then its going to seem like your computer is slow.  We can help you choose a new router and even install it for you.  We will also make sure you have the most up to date Ethernet cabling to go with it.     Call us today and setup your appointment now.  605-390-9547