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Data Recovery

Has your computer hard drive died on you?? If so we may be able to help you get your data back with our latest state of the art hard drive data recovery equipment. Our Data Recovery is effective on about 70% of all bad hard drives. Yes we also do External hard drives. We offer three tier pricing. First tier pricing $70.00 for simple data retrieval where we don’t have to repair the existing hard drive to get data off. The second tier Data Recovery pricing starts at $200.00 depending on the size of the hard drive and type of damage to the drive. This involves making a complete disk image and takes several days. If the hard drive needs tier 3 support then we send it out and get you a estimate of what it would cost for data retrieval. If we cant get your data back then you pay NOTHING! If you do have any questions about our Data Recovery Service please call us at 605-390-9547.