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“SCAM Alert” for Online Computer Repair

The On-Line Computer Repair Website scammed me for over $200–$400 and didn’t fix my computer. OK here I go. There are 5 major areas that should be checked when servicing a computer. They are Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Cabling, Router/Switch/Modem, and ISP. Anyone of these 5 areas can cause your computer to act slow. So how many of these areas can a person from out of state really look at for you over the phone?? I’ll talk more about these 5 areas in depth shortly. So not to get myself in trouble with a lawsuit I will not name any of the Websites. But if you do a search for “Online Computer Repair” You’ll find them. Here’s a little info about the scam they do. You contact them because you’re having major problems with your computer and you have seen their national ads on TV. You see them advertising $29.99-$99.00 Virus Removal or Speed up your Computer 100% -200% or even 300%. So you pay them on your credit card and if you’re not really listening to what they’re saying you’ll find out that it’s also a reoccurring monthly charge on your credit card. Normally there getting $99 a month from you!! So on the 2nd month you’re into them for around $200. (That’s if you even check your credit card statements) So what they do to TRY AND FIX your computer is remote in the computer. They will run some software scans and tell you there’s over 900 errors and viruses on your computer and they can clean them up. They get your credit card # and then clean up the errors. This takes about 1 -2 hours. Then there done and you should be all happy. Now the surprises start to happen. The customer still has a slow computer! Why???? Because the on-line repair companies can only look and fix some of the software issues. So there only looking at one of the 5 areas that should be looked at. Now here’s where the fun and scam come into play. Because you have let them remote into your computer they have made changes to the administrative privileges section. They now have control of your computer at will. (This includes the webcam if setup!!) When you contact them and complain about your computer again they will give you a speech about well for a small amount of money we will look at it again for you. This is a never ending cycle. So now you contact your credit card company and complain and try and get your money back. That’s a no go since they did provide you a service. So now you call the company back and cancel their service. Now the surprise happens. They go back into your computer and kill the operating system. Now you don’t have a functional computer anymore!!! OK now I’ll talk about the 5 areas a little more in depth on a slow computer. 1) Hardware— How much memory is currently installed? 4 GB’s is recommended. Anything less will slow down a computer. Is the CPU Fan working? A dead fan will really slow the computer down and eventually kill the CPU, Hard Drive or motherboard. Are the vents clogged with dust? Clogged vents don’t allow enough airflow to the CPU fan. Is the (NIC Card) Network Interface Card working 2) Cabling is always overlooked on slow computer issues. Most computer users have no idea that there are different speed cables. The older cables will allow data through at up to 10 Mbps. The newer cables allow data through at up to 1000 Mbps!! Big difference huh?? 3) ISP is important to check so you know what speed your internet connection is running at. It’s important to know if you really are using High internet speed or are there issues in between your computer and the cable demark junction. Bad or loose cable connections can severely slow down your connection. 4) Your Router/Switch/Modems are very important to your surfing upload/Download speeds. Most people have no idea of what download speeds there wireless routers work with. Wireless router speeds have jumped big time in the last 1-2 years due to High Definition streaming. Wireless routers were giving customers around 300 Mbps which is not enough for High Definition streaming. That’s why you would see the buffering Circle on your screen. High Definition streaming requires a minimum of 450 Mbps. I highly recommend the newer models now that will give you up to 1900 Mbps download speeds. Also these newer routers will let you hook up as many wireless devices as you need. 5) Software is usually the reason most computers are slow!! The biggest culprit is junk ware software. This is software that gets on your computer without you knowing about it. For example toolbar, Google Chrome, or McAfee security scan. Outdated software can also slow down your computer. So after reviewing these 5 areas that should be looked at when you have a slow computer, Can the online person really provide you with the support you need???? Answer is NO WAY!!!!