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Restart that Computer!!

Why you ask???? Biggest reason is you’re never letting your Windows updates load. They load for most of us when we turn off our computer at night. They won’t load in sleep or hibernate mode so your missing all the very important security updates and patches that Windows is providing your computer (For FREE!). I have worked on a few computers lately that were 6-8 months behind on their Windows security updates. Not a good thing especially if you’re doing online banking or using programs like Paypal. Your leaving your computer and yourself open to online crime by not having all the security patches in place. The other main reason to turn off your computer at night is so the next time you turn your computer on it can run its hardware check (The Post= Power on Self Test) on the entire system. This is very important especially for the hard drive health. It can tell you in advance if your hard drive is starting to fail so you can then grab all your data before it dies. To Restart