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Christmas and Thanksgiving Door Buster Deals

Several people came to me this past year with their laptop and were complaining that they were really slow. After examining the laptops I found some really interesting things. I asked the customers how old their laptop were and they had told me they bought them during the Black Fridays shopping events of last year. So here’s a few of the things I found with their laptops. 1 laptop only had 2 GB’s of memory. The recommended amount of memory is almost always 4 GB’s especially with 64 Bit Operating Systems. Found several laptops with Celeron/Pentium single core processors at only 1.0 GHZ!!! These processors must of been at least 8-10 years old that the manufactures were trying to get rid of. I also found one of the laptops that had a “G” Wireless Adapter. These were put into laptops before 2008! So bottom line, you’re not really getting a great deal with Laptops/Desktop Computers on Black Friday shopping. If you see a laptop selling for $199.00 expect to get very old parts stuffed into a laptop by the manufacture trying to get rid of their very old inventory. In my eyes this is a foul. Most customers don’t really know what to look for in computers. They see an Awesome price for one during the holidays and buy it. Then they find out they bought a real lemon! If you have any questions about what to look for in a laptop or desktop computer please call me and I’ll be more than happy to assist you in buying a new computer. I also sell new and refurbished computers.