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Laptop tips

Have you ever noticed when you are using a laptop and it’s sitting in your lap that there is a hot spot in one area. That’s where the fan is blowing out hot air from inside the laptop. When you block the fan, the laptop will heat up inside and soon cause damage to your Hard Drive and Motherboard. When that happens you’re looking at $150-$200 to get it repaired. I see this ALL THE TIME!! If you really want to use your laptop on your lap then you really should invest in a laptop cooler or chiller. Here’s an example of one from

Very inexpensive and will let your laptop live a longer life!! Extreme heat is the #1 killer of laptops (Besides dropping them) When a laptop starts overheating it will start to melt the solder connections on the Motherboard. Some of the symptoms of a laptop that have overheated are the Hard Drive starts to slow down and then die, and Blue Screen of Death Errors.

Another thing to be aware of is static electricity. If you’re in a room where there seems to be allot of static electricity then ground yourself first before using any computer equipment. Very easy to touch your laptop and then zap your laptop memory or even worse the CPU. Again I have seen both happen.

Now for the Biggie!! No matter how well you take care of your laptop it will start to slow down! This is due to all the programs, games, data, malware, and viruses you have downloaded. Normally after 2 years of use you will want to have your laptop operating system reloaded or rewiped as I call it. Once you do this you will have a new computer again with the surfing and processing speed you desire. Most people think that my laptop is slow now so it must be time for a new one. Not really true! If your laptop is less than 3 years old then you should try having the operating system reloaded. We can remove and transfer back all your data, (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, and Favorites) We offer this service as well as most other laptop repairs including replacing LED displays, replacing keyboards, replacing worn out or lost power cords, replacing dead or dying laptop batteries, memory upgrades, hard drive upgrades and many more. Sorry we don’t do motherboard repairs.

STOP the MADDNESS! If your laptop battery is needing replaced, and you go price them out and the store is telling you around $90.00 -$150.00 then say thank you and run out of there fast!! Battery and Power cord replacement are marked up so much at the retailors it’s not funny! We can get the same new laptop batteries and power cords for a fraction of the price the stores are selling them for. On average we can get you a new replacement laptop battery for about $45.00-$50.00 and new replacement power cords for $25.00-$30.00. Now I understand these retailors reason for marking up these items, but not a 200% to 300% markup! A fair margin should be 30% markup.