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Surge Protection!!

I have seen it many times first hand.  All of the following items should be on a surge protector. Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer, Printer, Wireless Router, Modem, Monitors, Tablets, Smartphone’s, External Hard Drives, and TV’s.  From what I have seen printers and External Hard Drives seem to be the most susceptible to damage from power surges.

Caution!!  Power strips that you buy from the store for $4.99 are not providing you with enough protection against power surges.  Most really good surge protectors will run from $29.00 – $59.00.  Just remember you get what you pay for.  Joules is the amount of protection that a surge protector will provide.  The higher the Joules the more protection your getting so always get one with the most Joules.  My recommendation is at least 1800 Joules protection.  Also when you buy a surge protector make sure you keep the warranty card because they offer insurance if your items do get damaged!  Up to $100,000 dollars.

(UPS) Universal Power Supplies are a great way to protect all your electronics Equipment.  Not only do they provide protection against power surges they also keep your items powered on when the power goes off.  In my neighborhood this happens several times a week!  Pricing on these are about $59 – $199   and are well worth the investment.  Electronics equipment can get damaged by continued power outages so having the equipment on a UPS can make sure your equipment stays on.  A UPS can also lower your electric bill.  Every time an outage happens all the devices need to be powered up again.  This causes a surge in the amount of electricity used causing you to pay more.  A really good UPS will pay for itself over the course of its life.  I recommend the APC brand of UPS.