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Computer Identity Theft

In the 6 cases of identity theft that I have seen from customers that brought me their computers in the last 2 years, all were the same! They all had no Paid Anti-Virus or Malware Protection!! A few of them were using Free AVG Anti-Virus (Worthless) and 3 of them were using Microsoft Security Essentials. (Again Worthless). These people are now going to spend countless hours and lots of money to get their identity back. All because they didn’t want to spend $55.00 a year on a really good paid Anti-Virus. HMMMM. Malware protection is only $25.00 a year and so worth it. Every computer you have and use on the internet must have Anti-Virus and Malware Protection or your at risk. In my other posts I do recommend which Anti-Virus and Malware Protection to purchase. You must also make sure your keeping up with all Windows Updates. This is so easy to do. Normally your computer will install updates when you shut down your computer. Some people never shut down their computer so they are never getting updates. I recommend you do a restart on your computer at least every day so you can get the updates. If that’s not possible you can always type in the search menu “Windows Updates” and install them this way. OK so what’s the next step after my identity has been stolen? Get your Computer Operating Systems reinstalled ASAP! Don’t continue to use them until you have taken them in and had this done. The bad guys are really good about putting all kind of back doors on your computer and you need to get rid of all of them. The only way to get rid of all of them is to Reinstall the Operating System. We can do this for you and it only takes 1 day to get your computer back. Our prices start at $169.00 for this service.