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Computer Repair and All-In-Ones

            If you're looking for a new desktop computer, are the All In Ones right for you? You ask "What is an All in One?"  It's a desktop computer that's built into the monitor. So all you have is the All in One Monitor, mouse and keyboard. No more tower. So you think that's a great idea, a real space saver. Well hold on a minute before you go out and purchase one. As far as Computer Repair goes there's allot of draw backs to the All in Ones.

            The biggest drawback is they tend to tip over easy and crack the screen. When that happens there is no fixing the screen! It now has become a very expensive boat anchor. We contacted the HP manufacture of All in Ones and they wanted more to replace the screen than what the customer paid new for it. The next big problem with All in Ones is they dont have very good airflow circulation inside the Monitor. The hard Drive overheats and dies at a faster rate than Hard Drives inside Towers. I have had 3-4 All in Ones in the last year that were under 2 years old and the hard drive had died. Heat is the biggest killer of computer equipment and there is just not enough air flow inside the All in Ones to keep everything cool.   Motherboards inside the All in Ones are also having problems due to the heat inside. The soldering on the motherboards starts to melt and then they die. You can't replace a motherboard inside so again it's a boat anchor.

If you did purchase an extended warranty it won't cover the cracked screen or the Hard Drive. So knowing all of this information is a All in One the best way to go? I would say no.