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Time to say goodbye to Windows XP Operating System (RIP)

After that date your XP Operating System will be in danger of Hackers, Malware Attacks and Loss of data. Windows XP has been around for over 12 years now and is still in over 30% of all the desktops and laptops throughout the world. So now is the time to start thinking what your next move should be if your part of that 30% Buy a new computer?? Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8? Or buy a Tablet? Some of the things to consider if you’re thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 or 8 is how much memory do you currently have installed? Windows XP ran fine with 1 or 2 Gigabytes of memory. Not sure how to tell how much memory you have in XP? There are several ways to see how much memory you have. If your keyboard is setup this way you can press the Windows key and the Pause/Break key at the same time and get the System Properties page. From there click on the General tab. Look where it says RAM. You’ll see 2 sets of numbers. Example 2.00 GHZ 512 MB of RAM. The 1st numbers (2.00 GHZ) are the Frequency of the RAM. The next set of numbers (512MB) are the amount of memory you have installed. Or you can Right Click My Computer, Select Properties, and go to the General tab. Windows 7 and 8 want a minimum of 3 or 4 Gigabytes to run smoothly. Microsoft says Windows 7 and 8 can run with just 1 Gigabyte of memory, but try that and you’ll be waiting all day for pages to load! The other thing to consider before upgrading your computer is how much memory can your computer hold?? This is really tricky! The Motherboard determines how much memory the computer can hold and use. This takes a little research to find from the manufacture. Another determining factor if you want to upgrade your system is determining your processor speed. Again go to the Systems Properties page and under the General tab you will see the processor speed. For laptops you would not want to upgrade using a processor under 1.3 GHZ, and for Desktops 1.5 GHZ. Microsoft says a minimum of 1.0 GHZ to run Windows 7 and 8. Good luck with that! Way to slow. If you have determined you can and want to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 we can offer you this service. We can transfer all your data and programs. (Please note: Not all programs used with Windows XP will work on Windows 7 or 8) We can also offer you memory upgrades to make your computer faster! Now if you have decided that it’s time to buy a new computer instead, then we can transfer all your data from your Windows XP computer and install it for you on your new computer. We can also remove all that annoying freeware (Pop-up Ads) that new computers come with installed. We can also assist you in buying a new computer. Not sure what to look for in a new computer? We can help you with that Now if you’re thinking about a tablet instead, just remember that tablets at this time do not offer everything a computer can offer. I love my IPad, but come on, no USB ports!! Hmmmm Also a tablet would not be practical for doing homework. Maybe in a few more years tablets will evolve. This year they are offering tablets with add-on external keyboards. They are getting better!