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Virus Removal

One of the most common problems with PC computers are Viruses and Malware.  Let our Experts completely remove the viruses and malware from your computer so it runs fast again.  Some of the symptoms of computers with viruses and malware are:

  • Computer is slow or sluggish,
  • Popups that wont go away,
  • Your browser changes and wont let you change it back,
  • Takes along time for windows to boot up,
  • Fake Anti-Viruses websites start to scan your computer and find 1000+ problems and want you to pay to have all the problems removed (Scam!),
  • Cant get on the internet.

We charge $129.00 to remove viruses and malware from your computer.   You can almost always have your computer back to you the very next day.  We will also take the time to go over with you how to prevent them from coming back!