Jerry's Computer Repair Bio ImageHello, My name is Jerry Long and I’m the owner of Jerry’s Mobile Computer Repair. Here’s a little bit of info about me. I retired out of the Air Force in 2005 after serving 20 great years and then went to school for Computer Repair and Networking at WDT in Rapid City. I graduated with Honors. When I finished school I worked on and earned my CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ Certifications. When I finished getting my certifications I was hired by the Department of Defense as a Computer Assistant/ Network Administrator for the Force Support Squadron on Ellsworth AFB, SD. There I was responsible for Computer Support and Network administration for over 20 different shops. Here’s a partial list of the shops I was responsible for: Large Dinning Facility, Lodging (Hotel) Fitness Center (Gym) Bowling Alley and Snack Bar Golf Course Library Auto Shop Outdoor Recreation Shop Woodworking and Crafts Shop Human Resources Office Marketing Office Large Club- Food Operations, Events, and Bars Readiness Deployment Section CDC Child Development Center Home Day Care Office RV Camp Ground Kids Youth Center programs and activities building Flight Kitchen Snack Bar 2 separate office sections including a Command Section. With being responsible for 20+ shops there were great opportunities to learn. Every shop had different computer/network requirements, Software requirements and training involved. So there’s not allot of computer problems that I have run across and not been able to fix. In 2013 I left that job and decided to open my own Computer Repair Business. I saw a huge need for Quality and Affordable Computer Repair in Rapid City. Time after Time I kept seeing Computer Repair businesses in Rapid City Charging $200-300 for Virus removal or $600 for Laptop Screen replacements and thought that is crazy!! There’s no reason for gouging customers like that! So I decided to open my own Computer Repair Business and charge fair prices to my customers. I list most of my prices on my website! My competition?????? Not sure why they like keeping their pricing secret and off their website. Some of my interests include Fly Fishing and Hiking in the Black Hills. You may see us out there hiking on the weekends sometime. I truly believe it’s not a job if you really like what you’re doing. I really love working on computers and making customers happy!  Please see our Testimonials page for what our past customers have had to say about us.